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Round Duct Scraper Blades

Is there a round duct scraper out there? Anywhere? Anywhere? Please read on…………….

Being hood cleaners ourselves for 30 years this year, we have considered the needs of our fellow greasers throughout the world. We could have designed an entirely new scraper, but instead we considered all of our loyal customers who already own and love the 2” Really EZ Magnetic Duct Scraper, and took another path with our design.

By simply purchasing our new heavy duty blades for the round duct scraper, we have crafted the 2” Really EZ Magnetic Duct Scraper into a round duct scraper so that YOU, our steadfast customer, will be able to use this for round ducts and still use your current 2” scraper for cleaning rectangular ductwork as well.

Now you will have a two-in-one scraper - one for round ducts and one for rectangular ducts just by changing the blades in the scraper!

We welcome any videos or feedback of any of our scrapers in action!