• If you bought a regular pole from a hardware store, Lowe's, Home Depot, etc. you would have to add an additional $23.50 to the cost of that pole to make it safe, and to adapt it to our Really EZ Scraper. This permits you to turn the pole without having it dislodge from the scraper and to maintain the positive lock on the pole at 6" intervals and it also protects your investment by keeping the EZ Scraper attached to the pole .

  • Please purchase the below three items to make the pole compatible and safe:

Pole Adapter Part# PA

D-Ring Part# DR

Chain Part# SC

  • These JiffyLoc poles are ONLY designed for our Really EZ Magnetic Duct Scrapers.

  • Any screw type poles will not fit into the Quick Connect/Disconnect handle of the Really EZ Magnetic Duct Scrapers.

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