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Really EZ Magnetic Duct Scraper 4″ Wide


Really EZ Magnetic Duct Scraper™ (Original 4″ Wide)
Comes with 10 blades, 1/8” allen wrench, safety pan, color illustrated instruction guide, and laminated safety precaution sheet.

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“Really EZ Magnetic Duct Scraper™”

The proper cleaning of kitchen grease exhaust ducts, according to NFPA Code 96 (down to bare metal), has always been a problem. The various methods implemented are hand scraping using razor blades and/or power cleaning.

Hand scraping is limited to arm’s length cleaning because the necessary angle needed to apply sufficient pressure to scrape the built-up grease on the walls of the duct is lost as you go further into the ducts. For example, when cleaning a vertical duct at the base of it, you can hold the scraper at approximately a twenty-five degree angle. However, when going further up the duct, the angle is reduced down to where necessary pressure is lost. This leaves the majority of the duct in an unsafe condition because the built-up grease can not be removed.

The second method of cleaning a duct is by power washing, and this is limited to gaining access into the duct, using a gasoline-powered pressure washer with at least 3000 psi, with 200 degrees of heat. These units are run outside of buildings with hoses being dropped down straight vertical ducts. However, this is rarely the case due to how the ducts must take different twists and turns around encumbrances to exit the roof. The other problem in using this method has to do with the huge amount of water runoff and laborious task of capturing the water and grease it generates. The smallest pressure washer uses 2.2 gallons of water per minute; one hour of pressure washing means 132 gallons of runoff. Larger pressure washers generate 5.5 gallons of water per minute, which translates into 330 gallons of sludge every hour.

The “Really EZ Magnetic Duct Scraper”™ (Patent #7437794) addresses all of the challenges faced with the methods mentioned above. The design utilizes two (2) four inch razor blades set at an exact angle so that both razor blades are in contact with the duct, with one at the top and one at the bottom, thus scraping in both directions, up and down. We carry replacement blades for your convenience.
In addition there are magnets set into a machined aluminum base holding the blades, which allows scraper to automatically cling to the steel ducts.

Using the “Really EZ Magnetic Duct Scraper”™ is simply a matter of guiding the scraper where you want it to scrape. It scrapes down to bare metal in both directions (up and down), removing four inch ribbons of grease as it moves through the duct.

There is a swivel handle attached to the base that will scrape with equal pressure, whether at a 60 degree angle or at 0 degree straight up and down position. This can be accomplished because of the position of the razor blades at the top and bottom of the aluminum base.

The handle is designed to work exclusively with the “Jiffyloc” extension pole which uses a positive quick connect/disconnect system, making use of the “Really EZ Magnetic Duct Scraper™” a snap! We have specifically designed a chain from the Jiffyloc pole to the “Really EZ Magnetic Duct Scraper™”, which will perform a dual function – first for safety and second for retrieval if pole separates from scraper.

Extend your reach up to 20 feet! Now, instead of scraping only arm’s length, the entire duct can be scraped to bare metal in a fraction of the time compared to previous methods. An additional benefit is the elimination of the need to capture vast amounts of water and sludge as when power washing is used.

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