Testimonials on the Really EZ Magnetic Duct Scraper

  • "I have so much to say about this Scraper…..I give it 5 thumbs up and PLUS! I have been cleaning hoods for 17 years and there is nothing else that works as efficiently and effectively as that Magnetic Duct Scraper - it's just unbelievable what it does! Saves so much time!" Reginald Dixon, Clean Under Pressure, Chesterfield, SC.

  • "I am in the process of starting my own company and will be using the EZ Magnetic Duct Scraper. I have been aware of this "miracle" scraper for years since a friend introduced me to it." Refugio Gonzalez, Mesa, AZ

  • The scraper is like nothing else on the market. It's well designed, and works wonders for a neglected exhaust system to get it back into compliance." Bran Lynch, HOODZ, Exton, PA .

  • First of all, I would like to congratulate your team on a fantastic product. It has helped make our life a lot easier. FAB TOOL! Barry Melrose, BTM Industrial Ltd., Scotland, UK

  • The duct scraper is an absolute amazing piece of engineering that is saving me hours of labor costs. Many thanks for your prompt service. Peter Ashton, X-Tract, Wales, UK

  • I have been in the hood cleaning business for 14 plus years. I bought the 4” scraper and it is the most wonderful tool in our cleaning arsenal. It is the first tool out of the truck every night and I can’t understand how I lived without this tool for so long. In Las Vegas our fire inspectors are the hardest in the country and this tool lets us get to bare metal every time, anywhere in the ducts. Thanks! Chris Zang, Vegas Pressure Clean, NV .

  • "Used it for the first time last night - it was amazing! Very impressed! Definitely worth the money! Everybody wanted a turn using it - it works really well!" Garrett, Hot Shot Pressure Washing, Inc., Salem, VA.

  • "I’ve been doing this since the 80’s and it’s nice to see a tool that works! Great job!" - Mike Gernari, Professional Vent Cleaning.

  • "No problem on price for these 2" scrapers, John. They are worth their weight in gold." - Matt Bryan, Bryan Exhaust, CA.

  • "Very pleased with E-Z Magnetic Scraper. Grease just comes off in sheets when I use it. There’s nothing like it." - Terry Lemmons, Grease Strippers Hood & Duct.

  • "I don’t normally write reviews or endorse any products but in my opinion your "EZ Magnetic Duct Scraper" is a tool that every exhaust hood cleaner should have in his arsenal. I was using a 4" scraper to remove charred grease from ducts with much effort to get the correct angle to be effective prior to finding your tool. The first time I broke this baby out on a roof and started going at it, I was amazed at its effectiveness and ease to just shave it off in both directions. I yelled down to my helper through the duct, "Wow! This Thing KICKS BUTT!" I don’t know if GOD helped you design this but I thought I heard angels singing as I was up there just effortlessly raining down charred grease to my funnel below. The next time I put it to use, I had a fellow hood cleaner with me. I exclaimed, "Wait till you see this thing." I scraped a few strokes and handed him the pole. He scraped a few strokes and instantly said, "I’m ordering one as soon as I get home!"

  • "I used this tool to clean Burger King ductwork and it takes me less than five minutes to scrape to bare metal this charred ductwork."

  • "Could never have imagined a scraper working this well - getting into areas of ductwork that we were never able to get into before."

  • "Thanks for making such a great product!"

  • "We have used the scraper some more and I can tell you that it is really working out great for us. I have also sent one of the scrapers I got to another cleaner in Northern California and he had the same results. You really have a great product. Thanks again."
  • I love it and can’t live without it. A real hood cleaner can’t clean without it. It’s the best thing to use – it’s better than foam! Using the Really EZ Scraper, I can guarantee getting down to bare metal. My business is growing – it has tripled using the Really EZ Scraper!” Will Bawgus, MW Hoods, The Hood Pros, FL.

  • It’s excellent. Really EZ……definitely cuts time, especially on bad jobs. The guys love it – had to get another one because they won’t surrender it! John Gaffney, Air Cleaning Service, MA.

  • One of the best tools ever! I would choose it over all tools – even the power washer! Ronald Easter, Diamond Degreasing, FL.

  • It’s magnificent! The guys love it! They won’t go on the job without it…that’s why we have to order another one! Richard Culoso, HCI Industrial Maintenance, FL.

  • "I’m doing double the work in half the time!" National Protection Industries, San Diego, CA - quote from one of the employees using the scraper for the first time.

  • "I wanted to thank you for sending me a replacement handle for my 4" scraper (free of charge and you paid the shipping), standing behind your product like that speaks volumes about your company. I own (2) 4" magnetic scrapers and plan on ordering the 2" magnetic scraper soon. Thanks again for providing a superior quality tool that works great in the field and factory support second to none. We look forward to future products from your company." - Daniel Hulbert, Mobilwash, LLC, Port St. Lucie, FL.

  • This tool is now a necessity! It’s now as important to me as my pressure washer.The simple truth is: The EZ Magnetic Duct Scraper greatly reduces the time and effort to correctly remove buildup in any square duct. And we all know, "Time is money." Great Job Guys!" - Tony Hines, Hydra-Clean, MO.

  • "We really liked your product. It works. So I want another Scraper, plus 1 extension pole EP408 and 2 extensions poles EP612." - Alberto Carranco, Menzies Aviation, TX.

  • "Just a quick note to you at Guardian. I ordered your duct scraper, a little gun shy with the price being what it was. Well it is worth every dime. I own a duct spinner, and don’t think that I even need one anymore with the use of the EZ-Scraper. Thank you!!!! You have made life a little easier." - Jim Goolsby, Ittley Piglet Pressure Wash.

  • "Gentlemen - Really enjoying the magnetic scrapers I purchased from you at the Fall Tech seminar. I would like to order 4 more magnetic scrapers and 2 EP 408 poles and 2 EP 510 poles." HOODZ of Las Vegas - Jack Grace.

  • "I thought it was pricey at first, but it is high quality, works very well and saves me time, so it’s worth it! I am happy with this purchase."

  • "Saves time and also does a better job. This scraper did the trick - WOW!"

  • "This is perhaps the greatest invention for hood cleaners!"

  • "It’s ingenious!"...I am a mechanical engineer.

  • "I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your 18 years of knowledge. Your experience and knowledge (...scraper) has helped our company save time and money. The scraper is outstanding! So, again, thank you."

  • "This product has made my job extremely easier and also does a better job than any other method. I put it to the test on one of my toughest ducts and it cut through it like butter. The professionalism of Guardian was also a welcomed surprise. I’d recommend this product to anyone...." Tim and Lisa Mascarena.
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